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Free-Range Fractions Game

Free-Range Fractions Game

Free-Range Fractions Game

Free-Range Fractions Game here

Free-Range Fractions Game
  • Includes two egg cartons, 24 two-tone eggs, 2 sets of denominator loops (twelve twelfths, 6 sixths, four fourths, three thirds and 2 halves) and 45 fraction challenge cards
  • Answers depicted on back of cards
  • Visual way to present notion of fractions
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Crack open a carton of insane fraction exciting. This scrambled set incorporates two egg cartons, with twelve two-tone eggs each and every and 54 denominator rings. Race to determine the denominator and then turn over the fraction of eggs depicted on the fraction challenge card initial. How to play : one. Turn over a fraction card to begin the race. two. Discover the corresponding denominator loops and location them over all the eggs. three. Turn over the quantity of eggs represented by the numerator on the fraction card. 4. The 1st perform [Read More..]

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