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Kanoodle here

  • Two mind-twisting solitaire online games in a single pocket-sized case
  • Puzzle parts suit within the handy pocket-sized circumstance with created-in video game boards, so you can Kanoodle anyplace
  • Contains 12 puzzle parts, forty eight - page illustrated puzzle guide, and carrying scenario
  • Characteristics a unique turntable recreation board that lets players to spin and play their way to the best
  • Ages seven and up
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Two mind-twisting solitaire video games in one pocket-sized situation Employing combinations of colored linked beads, pupils assemble colourful styles in two distinctive formats: tough Second puzzles and twisted 3D pyramids. To start off, decide a style from the puzzle ebook, location some of the puzzle items into situation as shown¡­then fill the vacant areas with the remaining pieces. Hundreds of attainable combos, but only 1 completes the puzzle. Puzzle pieces fit within the useful pocket-sized case with constructed [Read More..]

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